make-out party: the zine
i'm looking for yr help with my up and coming 'zine called make-out party (of course). it's not *just* a compilation 'zine. there will be band interviews, reviews of good/bad records to make-out to, make-out mixtapes, etc. i'll be the one working on these parts.

what i need from you:

+ stories, poetry, dreams, photography, or artwork pertaining to making out.

here are some ideas:

+ best make-out session.
+ worst make-out session.
+ first kiss.
+ single worst kiss.
+ last kiss before a break up/parting.
+ favorite music to make-out to.
+ ideal make-out spots.
+ worst music you have made out to.
+ being caught making out.
+ most embarrassing make-out sessions!
+ anything else you can think up.

try to keep it on the semi-innocent side. pg-13. no sex stuff. there are lots of 'zines that deal specifically with sex and make-out party is not one of them! e-mail me for info on where to send your snail mail submissions.

email your submissions to:

any questions, send an IM to madflowr.

you can find tag team napping (a web-zine that my friend clive and i do) here: tag team napping.