are you in a band?
If you've read what make-out party is all about and think that your band would like to play one, please drop me a line with the following: a bio, a short description of your sound, influences, and a link to your website or a website where i can find sound files of your band. In addition to bands, I am also looking for solo artists to play short sets upstairs while the bands downstairs break down/set up. If you don't have sound files online, but you would like to play a make-out party, please ask me for my mailing address so you can mail me a cd/7"/demo tape.

If you send in something and you are not chosen to play the next make-out party, you will be considered for future events, although when you have new music, it does not hurt to send in another request with links to your new stuff.

I can't tell you how important this is for you to send me current contact information. In order for me to contact you, I will need your e-mail address and/or telephone number.