make-out party #2

30 september 2000
from 1pm until 5pm
@ now! music & fashion
Jay & Bob play pretentious, self-important folk rock. They dwell in the shadows of folk greats Simon & Garfunkel, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash, as well as all other bands requiring either an ampersand or the word 'and'. They also rip off the Beatles. Do you really need more reasons to make-out with them?
The Alphabet Bombers play bass humping instrumental psychobilly. This 3 piece from MD wishes they'd been alive in the 1950's, because the girls were far cuter back then. They didn't make-out with anyone unless they were wearing a poodle skirt and horn rimmed glasses.
The Malarkies are driving all the way from Brooklyn to make-out with you. They're a trio comprised of guitar, bass, and drums. Sometimes all three members sing and other times no one sings. They sound like Television play-fighting with Elvis Costello or The Pretenders being pounded by the Minutemen. And since they tap into many different genres including swing-era pop, arena-rock, electric folk, and more; wasn't it nice that they tapped on your bedroom window?
vpn are also making the long journey from nyc to lock lips with you. They play melodic post-pop with experimental/textural tendencies. Identical twin sisters + their brother plus a drummer with a zany drum kit equal vpn.  Their songs are urgent and sincere with shimmering boy/girl harmonies and a surreal lyrical bend. vpn play focused indie pop songs that drift in and out of odd soundscapes and muscular grooves. vpn break both hearts and necks simultaneously.
charming are just that; charming...as well as other adjectives, such as darling, cute, adorable, squishy, etc. They play hand-crafted pop tunes with shimmery guitars, female vocals, and just a hint of melancholy. Their music has been compared to The Sundays, Velocity Girl, Saint Etienne, and the Smiths. And fashion wise; they all look like they own scooters. They say they're a nicely behaved, responsible bunch of popsters, but on September 30th, you proved them wrong.