make-out party #1 took place on 17 june 2000 @ now! music & fashion.

make-out party #1

17 june 2000
from 1pm until 5pm
@ now! music & fashion
worn thin: They're a hair metal band without the hair. They play melodic emo and punk and they're waiting for 80's metal to make a comeback. homepage
devon green: a boy band similiar to n'sync without the choreography, or the glittery clothing. scratch that. they play catchy pop along the lines of ben lee, buffalo tom, and the lemonheads. and they'll steal your girlfriend's hearts away if you don't watch out. homepage
the mallstars: coming out of the town of Actiondale, Virginia rise the Mallstars. A sure fire mixture of power pop and punk, you will never be left without feeling to dance again. They combine their influences of the Hi Fives, Mr T Experience, Buzzcocks and the Ramones in a way that has never been heard before. They are the new teen sensation that's sweeping the nation and you will be mesmerized.
barcelona: casio-core from arlington, va! barcelona play indie pop that will make you swoon. girl/boy vocals switch on and off for the sweetest sounds on march records. homepage
the bitch boys [a.k.a. anne summers]: power pop band following in the footsteps of Elvis Costello and the Jam. Popmatters dubbed them as "melodic, crunchy music similar to late '70s New Wave bands". their second album, very classy was released in March 2000 on Beatville Records.

all pop up photographs were taken by leigh and are 2000.
do *not* use without the photographer's permission.