Q: what is make-out party?
A: make-out party is an event that was originally held @ now! music & fashion that was originally supposed to occur bi-monthly, but something went awry. now it will occur wherever i decide it will and whenever there is time for me [and my friends] to set it up.

the event is named after a line from a piebald song called 'all you need is drums to start a dance party' (off the album if it weren't for the venetian blinds, it would be curtains for us all . the event is called 'make-out party' because it's a day that different genres of music play on the same bill and their music blends together like a kiss. it may be a wet + sloppy kiss, but a kiss nonetheless. get there early to nibble on the snackery and to sip the mystery punch!

the first make-out party took place on 17 june 2000. the bitch boys [aka anne summers], barcelona, the mallstars, devon green, and worn thin played. it was a delightful day. if you'd like to see the flier, click here.

if you do come out, you should definitely stay for all of the bands. you might be surprised that you like something other than [insert music genre or subgenre here]. by the time the last band has finished their set, maybe you'll have worked up the nerve to talk to that cute boy and/or girl you've seen at shows. and maybe afterwards you'll get to make-out with them. attending the event that does not guarantee you a make-out partner. it is your responsibility to actually meet people at make-out party. i'm not gonna play matchmaker. it's up to you! as radiohead say 'meeting people is easy'.

leigh (event planner, promoter, + webmistress)

p.s. if you'd like to say hello @ future make-out parties; i look like this.