"i must admit i was charmed by your advances
your advantage left me helplessly into you."

are you zachary hansen? if yes, then you are the perfect boo and i've found you. i am changing over my 100% perfect boy quiz to 100% perfect friend quiz or something like that. WORD, BIRD, TUFTED TITMOUSE!

do you have what it takes to be leigh's 100% perfect boy?

instructions: tick off a box if yr answer is yes. if yr answer is no, then leave the box alone.
there are 110 questions instead of 100 to help ppl get closer to the 'perfect' status, which (let's face it) probably won't be attained by anyone.

music love and music taste
001) does music play a *huge* part in yr life?
002) do you own a record player?
003) is the 7" yr favourite format that music comes in?
004) are you compulsive when it comes to buying music?
005) do you make amazing mixtapes (ie. themes, perfect segues, etc.)?
006) do you go to a lot of shows?
007) do you dance at danceworthy shows?
008) have you traveled crazy distances to see one of your favourite bands?
009) do you play an instrument and/or sing (even if it's only in the shower)?
010) do you make really bad [aka really good] music puns?
011) do you love radiohead?
012) if one of your favourite bands has a side project, do you keep tabs on that side project as well?
013) do you often find yrself obsessed with a certain song or album?
014) does meeting people with a similar taste in music excite you?
015) do you find yrself in love with music from a particular region/state?
016) are you open to listening to bands you've never heard of?
017) is it hard for you to drive without music?
018) do you LOVE at least one of the following? death cab for cutie, the dismemberment plan, modest mouse, or rainer maria.
019) do you LOVE at least one of the following? julie doiron, hayden, mirah, or son, ambulance.
020) do you LOVE at least one of the following? belle & sebastian, dressy bessy, kissing book, or the lucksmiths.

021) are you 5'10" or taller?
022) do you wear glasses [some of the time counts]?
023) are you a 'lil chubby?
024) do you have sideburns or a chin strap?
025) do you have full lips?
026) do you have floppy and/or fluffy hair?
027) are you free of piercings on your face/inside your mouth?
028) is your hair a color other than blonde?
029) do you have defined cheekbones?
030) do you have a crooked smile?

031) do you prefer band tee shirts to brand new [non-thrift store] dress shirts?
032) do you wear sometimes wear old man sweaters with a collared shirt underneath?
033) do you sometimes wear sauconys and/or converse all stars and/or swear shoes?
034) do you prefer fitted tees to loose tees?
035) do you wear trousers more often than shorts?
036) do you own dress up clothes [even if you don't wear them all that often]?
037) do you wear boxers?
038) do you wear a watch or bracelet of some sort?
039) do you try to avoid wearing flip flops in public?
040) were a lot of the shirts you own purchased at thrift stores?

041) do you love seeing movies in the theatre?
042) do you love cheesy 80's teen movies??
043) do you love bad teen movies of the 90's?
044) can you watch more than one film a day?
045) do you love a good spoof?
046) do you try and avoid seeing mainstream big budget action movies?
047) do you LOVE at least one of the following movies? a clockwork orange, shallow grave, swimming with sharks, or the usual suspects.
048) do you LOVE at least one of the following movies? the last unicorn, plan b, playing by heart, or small change.
049) if one of yr fave bands is on the soundtrack for a film, will you see that film?
050) do you love the film amelie?

051) do you finish at least one book every month or two?
052) do you attempt reading multiple books at a time?
053) has something in a book ever made you change the way you do something [ex: organize yr record collection differently, eat salad with yr fingers]?
054) do you enjoy reading short stories?
055) do you have the patience to read an entire novel to someone (over time)?
056) if one of your favourite authors was speaking somewhere, would you go see him/her speak?
057) is douglas coupland one of your favourite authors?
058) is nick hornby one of your favourite authors?
059) is the perks of being a wallflower one of your favourite books?
060) is 'on seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful april morning' by haruki murakami one of the best stories you have ever read?

061) do you like making out to music?
062) are you alright with holding hands, cuddling, and maybe even kisses on the cheek in public?
063) have you been told before that you give good backrubs?
064) do you like cooking for the person you're seeing?
065) are you alright with being spoiled by someone you are dating?
066) when you are with someone, do you tend to spoil them?
067) are you usually the one on the receiving end of the flaking out as opposed to giving end?
068) do you love to spoon?
069) are you okay with snogging instead of shagging?

070) when you meet someone's parents, do they seem to like you?
071) when you have a strong opinion, do you stand up for it?
072) can you admit when you are wrong?
073) do you suceed in not holding grudges too long?
074) when you are mad, do you find healthy ways of venting?
075) do you have a tight knit group of close friends?
076) are you alright with spending time by yourself?
077) do you finish projects that you start most of the time?
078) do you take naps to de-stress?
079) do you fall asleep to music?

080) are you coke edge [definition: always coca-cola and never pepsi]?
081) does it tick you off when ppl misuse words [aka 'your' and 'you're']?
082) are you a pop culture junkie?
083) do you keep an a journal (either paper/online)?
084) has anyone ever told you that you have an accent?
085) did you learn how to impress the ladies from duckie dale?
086) have you ever made and/or altered clothing [shirts, pants, bracelets, etc.] so it was more yr style?
087) do you tell non-linear stories?
088) has anyone told you that you put together really great packages?
089) do you have a sweet tooth?
090) do you love diners?
091) do you try to keep your promises (even the little ones)?
092) would it be okay for someone you are dating to take plenty of pictures of you?
093) do you love taking pictures of your friends and/or bands?
094) are you a bit of a voyeur at times?
095) do you hold open doors for little old ladies?
096) do you avoid eating red meat for the most part?
097) do you avoid eating seafood for the most part?
098) are you obsessed with a culture not yr own (japanese, jewish, english)?
099) are you really good at tetris?
100) are you in love with old snes games?
101) are you a compulsive list maker?
102) are you the kind of person who can acknowledge when another person of the same sex is cute?
103) do/did you like at least one of your parental units?
104) do you like dogs more than or equal to cats?
105) do you know who both corey feldman and corey haim are?
106) are you straight?
107) do you stay away from drugs?
108) do you stay away from cigarettes?
109) when you type the word 'radio', do you accidently add the h after the letter o nearly every time you type it?
110) are you up for going on crazy adventures with myself and the rest of the sha-sha-sha-shaw society?

if you scored over 75% and i don't already know you, i'm sure i would like to, so contact me:

e-mail: madflowr @ livejournal dot com

instant msg: madflowr